The All Ireland Public Health Repository now contributes to OpenAIRE and has been approved to join RIAN


The All Ireland Public Health Repository now contributes to the pan-European OpenAIRE website. OpenAIRE supports the implementation of the EC and ERC Open Access policies. To contribute, a repository must comply with the European Commission’s policy on Open Access as well as the upcoming Horizon2020 mandate.

More recently, the Repository's membership of RIAN has been approved. RIAN is supported by the Irish Government's 'Strategic Innovation Fund’ and harvests to one portal the contents of Irish document repositories in order to make Irish research material more freely accessible.

The All Ireland Public Health Repository is part of Institute's The Health Well website. It is a subject repository that focusses on health information resources that are needed to develop systems-wide solutions to improve population health and wellbeing, tackle health inequalities and address the social determinants of health across the island of Ireland.

The Health Well Repository currently contains over 2,000 resources from a wide range of organisations such as IPH, DHSSPSNI, Department of Health (Ireland), Public Health Agency, safefood and Public Health England.

These recent developments will mean that users of The Health Well will have access to a huge range of additional information resources, particularly academic research outputs, and that Irish materials on The Health Well website will be now also be automatically disseminated through the world-wide network of document repositories.  

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