mEDRA is the multilingual European DOI Registration Agency, officially appointed by the International DOI Foundation on 1 July 2003.

mEDRA project was born in 2002 within the eContent programme of the EU Commission.

During the pilot phase (July 2003-June 2004), mEDRA assigned more than 30.000 DOIs to publications from its early adopters, among which Il Mulino Publishing, Casalini Digital Division, SIF (Italian Society of Physics), CNIPA (Italian National Centre for IT in the Public Administration).

Both the success of the pilot phase and the interest demonstrated by publishers convinced Italian Publishers Association and its technological partner, the Interuniversity Computing Centre Cineca, to create in September 2004 a company  mEDRA srl to manage the DOI Agency.

The Health Well Repository registers document object identifiers for its resources via mEDRA.