COPD hospitalisation rates 15+ per 100,000 population, RoI 2011/13

The age-sex standardised rate of hospitalisations of people aged 15 years and older with a principal diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) per 100,000 population. ICD-10-AM J41, J42, J43, J44, J47 or J40 with a secondary diagnosis of J41, J43, J44 or J47   Numerator: Number of hospital discharges with a principal diagnosis of COPD in a specified year, ages 15 and over. Denominator: Population aged 15 years and older. Exclusions: Cases transferred in from another acute hospital Cases in Major Diagnostic Categories 14 (Pregnancy, Childbirth & Puerperium) or 15 (Newborns & Other Neonates) Cases that are discharged on the day of admission Age-sex standardisation: Data have been age and sex standardised based on the methodology developed and used by the OECD Health Care Quality Indicators (HCQI) data collection. Age-sex standardised rates facilitate comparison of rates between populations of different age composition (for example hospitals or countries) and also of rates over time. The age- sex standardised rate is the number of cases per 100,000 population that would occur if the county or year had the same age structure as the OECD Standard Population and the local age-sex specific rates applied. Age-sex standardised rates and associated confidence limits are calculated as follows: The number of cases in the numerator and the population (i.e. the denominator) are calculated by males and females for each 5 year age-group from 15-19 to 85+ years. Age & sex specific rates are calculated for males and females for each age-group. The age & sex specific rates are multiplied by the number of cases in the OECD standard population (based on the total OECD population in 2010) The age-sex standardised hospitalisation rate (ASR) is then calculated as the sum of the age & sex specific rates multiplied by the standard population, and divided by the total number of cases in the standard population. Upper and lower confidence intervals are presented at the 95% confidence level, and are calculated by ASR ± 1.96 * Standard Error of ASRwhere the standard error is determined from a binomial distribution. Note that the age-sex standardised hospitalisation rates at county of residence level for 2011 to 2013 refer to the average annual rate over the three year period. Data are based on discharges from publicly funded acute hospitals; private hospitals are not included. A small number of non-acute hospitals that are not included in the seven hospital groups participate in HIPE for historical reasons; these hospitals have been removed from this analysis. The Healthcare Pricing Office (HPO) manages the HIPE system. For more information on HIPE see   The data presented for this indicator are based on analysis of HIPE data carried out by the Department of Health using the definitions and methodology developed by the OECD Health Care Quality Indicators (HCQI) project.        
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