Promoting Mental Health: Strategy and Action Plan 2003-2008

In the Programme for Government, the Northern Ireland Executive committed itself to five priorities for action, one of which was ‘Working for a healthier people’. Within this priority, it promised to take specific measures to promote mental and emotional health and reduce suicides. The Investing for Health strategy provides the framework for the attack on preventable disease, ill health and health inequalities. It identifies mental health as a priority. Promoting Mental Health outlines 30 actions towards an integrated approach which addresses the wider determinants of mental health and focuses particularly on inequalities. Mental health promotion works at three levels: to strengthen individuals, to strengthen communities and to reduce structural barriers to mental health. The strategy aims to: - improve people’s mental and emotional wellbeing, in particular that of people at risk or vulnerable, and people with identified mental health problems, their carers and families; - prevent or reduce the incidence and impact of mental and emotional distress, anxiety, mental illness and suicide; - raise awareness of the determinants of mental and emotional health at public, professional and policy making levels and reduce discrimination against people with mental health problems; - ensure that all those with a contribution to make are knowledgeable, skilled and aware of effective practice in mental and emotional health promotion. The Health Promotion Agency has been commissioned by the DHSSPS to lead and facilitate a regional working group to take forward the implementation of the strategy.
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