IPH response to Department of Health (ROI) consultation on National Strategy on Dementia


The current prevalence of dementia and its associated economic and social burden presents a challenge for the configuration of dementia care services at present and it is clear that this challenge will become ever more urgent as a consequence of population ageing. IPH supports the development of a Dementia Strategy in Ireland that is comprehensive and holistic. We recommend that the strategy encompasses aspects of prevention as well as optimal management at all stages of the disease. IPH considers that a social determinants of health approach that focuses on the prevention of disease and disability could form an important strand of the strategy. Key points from IPH response IPH would emphasise the following key priorities for inclusion in the Dementia Strategy.   Adoption of a public health approach as set out by WHO (2011) and the development of an implementation plan and structures to support the Strategy A commitment to primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of dementia.  Resourcing of a programme of research to support primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of dementia to ensure a systematic approach to generate an evidence-base and disseminate pertinent findings in the Irish context. Emphasis should be placed on high quality research specifically to:enhance information systems on dementia at a national level A life course approach to tackle the social determinants of dementia and ill-health in later life. Supporting carers for people with dementia

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Department of Health (ROI) consultation on National Strategy on Dementia