Centre for Ageing Research and Development in Ireland - An overview 2007-2015


Today 1.1 million people aged 60 and over live on the island of Ireland; by 2041 there will be 2.44 million aged 60 and over – nearly one-third of the population. We are living longer than ever before and many of us are living healthier lives into old age, though this is not universal. Considerable health, social and economic inequalities have yet to be overcome to help us achieve a healthy, active and fulfilling old age for all. why Ageing research matters An ageing population brings implications for policy, service delivery and long-term planning in diverse areas such as transport, health, housing, education and employment. Research can play a vital role in helping to inform better policy-making and planning for this ageing population which will help improve the lives of older people across the island of Ireland. Ageing research in ireland, north and South Aside from branches of science and medicine ageing as a topic of research is quite a new phenomenon in Ireland, North and South. While research activity existed within academia, governmental and non-governmental sectors it traditionally tended to be quite fragmented and dispersed. Individual researchers and centres had well-established reputations but there was little coordination and integration between researchers themselves and between those in the policy-making and practice sectors relating to ageing. Furthermore there existed a considerable amount of research that might have been relevant to ageing but was not being fed into policy-making.