IPH response consultation on Draft Annual Indicators for the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Active Ageing Strategy 2016 - 2021'

Overarching comments on indicators for the Active Ageing Strategy - The outcome indicators document would benefit from being clearly aligned to the vision, purpose, aims and outcomes of the Active Ageing Strategy. - The range of indicators and measures should be expanded to facilitate the tracking of progress against the full gambit of the aims (and the proposed new programmes) of the Active Ageing Strategy. - A methodology section and matrix that sets out the indicators and measures, data sources and data types is required as well as details on inclusion/exclusion criteria. - It is unclear how the indicators presently help to understand the experience of active ageing in Northern Ireland for ‘Section 75 Groups’, especially older people who are part of minority groups. - Reducing inequalities should be reflected in the indicators across all the outcomes. - In all cases, the indicators should specify ‘by age, sex, social class and geographical location–rural/urban’. This will provide valuable information on the extent to which gaps are widening, narrowing or remaining the same. - In some cases the indicators envisage providing data by broad age group e.g. ‘aged 50 and older’. If five-year age bands are available these should be used instead to show the different policy interventions that may be required over the life of this strategy. - We agree that, in general, available annual indicators should be used but where other meaningful indicators are available they should be used e.g. data on the proportion of people voting by age are more relevant to participation than the percentage on the electoral register and are available by Local, Assembly, Westminster and European elections. - An important statistical resource will be the Northern Ireland Cohort Longitudinal Study on Ageing (NICOLA) which will provide valuable data on older people beginning in 2016. - A valuable online resource is www.agestats.ie. This site hosted by IPH provides an overview of datasets relevant to ageing and older people.
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