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Presents information on activity at emergency care departments, including data on new attendances, planned & unplanned review attendances, waiting times, patient transport and emergency (ambulance) response.
If you need to go into residential accommodation you may have to make a contribution to the cost of your care. This section provides information on how Trusts calculate how much you can pay.
This annual report aims to show the prevalence rate of ASD amongst the compulsory school age population. Analyses are provided by health and social care trust, gender, school year, special educational needs and multiple deprivation measure.
To provide an overview of the PQQ/ Tender Evaluation Process and to ensure that all personnel are aware of their role in the process 
This report monitors the key indicators of the wider social determinants of health & wellbeing set out against each of the themes contained in the making life better strategic framework.
These tables present information from the health and social care (HSC) board on completed waits for people waiting to be fitted with a hearing aid. Figures are presented regionally, by HSC trust and by weeks waiting.
The Workforce Plan for Nursing and Midwifery sets out proposed education and training commissions for the period 2015 to 2025, it explains the context and processes on which these decisions have been made and highlights the challenges which need to be addressed to ensure a nursing and midwifery...