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The Health Impact Assessment Gateway (HIA Gateway) is a central database providing access to International HIA related information resources. This resource provides sources of evidence and networks to assist people participating in HIA.
The screening tool provides assistance to those conducting HIA to quickly and systematically establish whether a particular policy, programme or project has an impact on health and whether a HIA is appropriate or necessary
The scoping tool provides a framework for the development of the HIA workplan
The policy analysis tool provides a framework to review government and other relevant agency policy related to the proposal.
The collating information tool provides a framework for all information gathered as part of the HIA process to be collated.
The prioritising health impacts tool provides a framework for prioritising health impacts.
The forming recommendation tool provides a template to record the recommendations and how they will be implemented by the decision-maker
This tool provides a template to monitor the implementation of the HIA recommendations by identified decision-makers
The HIA Forum provides an opportunity for those with an interest in HIA to meet, share experiences, hear about new developments and consider how to progress HIA. 2009 HIA Forum events focused on how HIA can and is being used to support healthier communties.