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JRF has recently embarked on a major new programme: 'A Better Life', the central question of which is: 'How can we ensure a better life and better choices for older people who need high levels of support?' JRF now want to commission a project to work with older people with high support needs (...
The project will develop a relationship with the pharmacist in Bessbrook and Kilkeel. 3 sessions will be held in each area allowing time for 1-1 support for clients and carers.
To address diet and lifestyle issues and improve the health of the over 50s in Gilford. Outcome: Health related issues for example heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes were raised and members became more aware of their health, lifestyle and specifically diet through individual consultations...
To improve the pharmaceutical care in the community for older people and their carers working towards giving carers support and raising their awareness of the support which is on offer to them.
To date this project has underwent phase 1 and is undergoing the implementation of phase 2. The first phase aimed to make students aware of issues surrounding STIs and their health implications. In phase two, the project aims at determining the most appropriate means of disseminating information...
This project aims at raising people's awareness on health related issues through giving talks to for example Age Concern, Church Associations etc.
The main aim for the 'Everyone for Health' project is to provide information in a community setting on issues identified by local people.
This project has worked towards promoting positive mental health by integrating pharmacy services with other local support structures already in existence to support those experiencing mental health issues.
Subject: Health promotion
To promote the health and well-being amongst families in the rural and isolated community of Belcoo by focusing on the children, their health and the positive message they can bring to their families.
This is their 3rd BCPP project and this is a Level 3 project. Rural Health Partnership is a community based initiative which assists people to recover from a mental illness. Previous BCPP projects focussed on supporting the needs of women in relation to mental health and more specifically,...