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Statistics Users Council Annual Conference This paper considers two recent initiatives in NI relating to targeting social need, and inequalities. While the paper deals with each separately they should be seen as complementary. Therefore, many of the points made in relation to one are also pertinent...
In a keynote speech to the health service, Health Minister Paul Goggins, unveiled a seismic shift in the way health and social care services will be delivered in the future. He pledged to eliminate trolley waits for those going into hospitals and set a maximum time for those leaving hospitals.
A component of the Nursing Needs Assessment Tool. This document is the format for the Free Nursing Assessment Review. First review should be carried out within 3 months and annually thereafter.
Subject: health, Lifestyle, Disease
The technique of describing health using a range of measures has been termed 'health profiling'. This article discusses the emergence of health profiling in the UK and Ireland over recent years, led by the public health observatories (PHOs). The steps in developing health profiles are described,...