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Article in Health promotion journal of Australia: official journal of Australian Association of Health Promotion Professionals 3(3):10-14 · January 1993
Article in Australasian journal of early childhood 20(2):32-41 · January 1995
Subject: health, Goals, Targets
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The aim of this paper was to determine if there is any link between primary prevention and early detection for skin cancer. Results from a study of a large random sample of Gold Coast residents (N = 995) identified an association (P...
This study investigated smoking behaviour among Indigenous youth. A sample of schools (n = 12) in north Queensland with large proportions of Indigenous students was selected. Details about the prevalence of smoking behaviour in both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students (n = 883) were gathered....
While there was no statistical difference between the intervention and control groups, the overall relapse rate of 22% (78% nonsmoking), was lower compared to most of the published data from other studies. Results from the historical comparison group from the smoking cessation trial confirmed a 35...