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Cigarettes are the only legal product which, when used as intended, will kill half of its users. Furthermore, smoking has been identified as the single greatest cause of preventable illness and premature death in Northern Ireland with one in every six deaths in Northern Ireland being attributable...
Subject: Smoking, tobacco, Cancer
This leaflet outlines the health and financial benefits of stopping smoking. It provides key facts on the health dangers associated with smoking, information on second-hand smoke, information on the dangers of smoking to babies, and contact details for help and support available. It also lists the...
This booklet takes smokers through the stages of stopping smoking:preparing to stopstoppingstaying stoppedIt also provides advice on the various forms of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and non-nicotine medications available, as well as a list of contacts for advice and support.Note:...
Cigarette smoking is the major cause of preventable ill health in Northern Ireland. It accounts for 2400 premature deaths every year. Fifty percent or one in every two smokers will die prematurely due to their addiction; many will suffer chronic ill health and poor quality of life before their...
The Quit Kit promotional materials were developed as part of the smoking cessation campaign which highlights the range of support available and reinforces the message that quitting is achievable with the right support and motivation. Support highlighted in this part of the campaign includes the...
This card was published as part of the 'Want to stop!' smoking cessation campaign that centred on the PHA's public information website The website also allows the user to create a personalised quit plan to suit their needs.
This poster was produced as part of the PHA's public information campaign on smoking.
Subject: tobacco
This resource explains why smoking while pregnant is harmful for both mother and baby, highlights the health effects of passive smoking after birth and provides advice to help women stop smoking, including information about nicotine replacement therapy.
Subject: tobacco
This booklet takes smokers through the stages of stopping smoking as well as answers common questions smokers ask about smoking
Subject: tobacco
This leaflet explains the dangers of smoking and why you should stop. It also provides information on nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and non-nicotine treatments as well as other sources of help and advice.