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This Project Initiation Document outlines the purpose and plan of Phase Two of the Review of AHP Support for Children with Statements of Special Educational Needs in Special Schools and Mainstream Education.
This job planning toolkit has been developed by the Public Health Agency (PHA) in partnership with the Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing and Midwifery (NIPEC). This job planning toolkit was designed for nurses in roles who have the title Clinical Nurse Specialist and carry...
Subject: self-harm
This second annual report from the Northern Ireland Self-Harm Registry presents an analysis of the incidence of self-harm presentations to the 12 Emergency Departments across Northern Ireland.
Subject: self-harm
This report is a summary report of the six-year period between 2007- 2012.
This poster was produced to support the choosetolivebetter campaign aimed at raising awareness of the health risks associated with overweight and obesity in men Northern Ireland.
Subject: E. coli, Restaurant
The Report of the Outbreak Control Team of the investigations of an outbreak of E. coli O157 associated with Flicks Restaurant in Belfast during October 2012.
Subject: Suicide, self-harm
A guidance poster for newsrooms which includes ten things to remember when reporting suicide. The poster is taken from Samaritans and Irish Association of Suicidology's Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide.
Subject: Public health
This is the sixth Director of Public Health (DPH) Annual Report, detailing the main public health challenges in Northern Ireland. It also provides information on the wide variety of work undertaken by the PHA and its partners during 2014 to improve the health and social wellbeing of the population....
Subject: self-harm
In February 2015 the Public Health Agency (PHA) launched a six year review on the incidence of self-harm in the Western Health...
Summary points In Northern Ireland Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM) clinics in 2013 • New diagnoses of uncomplicated chlamydia increased by 1% ; 1,699 diagnoses in 2013 compared with 1,676 in 2012. • New diagnoses of uncomplicated gonorrhoea increased by 19%; 537 in 2013 compared with 451in...