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Author: Slimming World
The Slimming World on Referral service has been used by a number of PCT's and NHS Trusts across England. The data reported here is from an audit including data from all schemes between 2004 and 2009. The aims of the service varied depending on the NHS trusts own priorities. Generally speaking the...
The aim of this intervention is to assist staff in maintaining a healthy weight through encouragement of more activity and healthy eating
Author: KasTech Ltd
The aim of this intervention is to: i) help primary care patients with a BMI of 30 or above or 28 with co-morbidities achieve a weight loss of 5 per cent or more using a computerised lifestyle protocol within a 12 week period ii) establish primary care weight management services in the county and...
Author: KasTech Ltd
The aim of this intervention is to evaluate the feasibility of a full trial of a nurse-led weight management programme in general practice.
This intervention aims to: - Increase fruit and vegetable intake - Increase activity levelsInitiate weight loss - Reduce health risks - Provide effective weight loss tools - Increase participant behaviour change skills
Tier 3 weight management service for clients with BMI>40, or >30 plus co-morbidities. The service aims for 5% weight loss in 6 months, and to increase fruit and vegetable intake and activity levels. It also aims to set up hub and spoke model with 3 satellite sites to deliver local services in a...
Author: NHS Mid Essex
The aims of this intervention are: - To prevent or defer patients from requiring surgical interventions. - To ready patients for surgical procedures (indirectly related to weight status), such as orthapaedic ops etc. - To educate, inform and empower patients to safely lose and manage their weight...
Author: Exhale CIC
Primary Aims of this intervention are weight management and behaviour change of children 7-13 years.Secondary aims include parental weight management and increase in self esteem and confidence in both children and their family
The aims of this intervention are: To increase knowledge and attitudes of a healthier lifestyle for families, To increase the amount of time children and parents spend doing activity together, To improve enjoyment of physical activity, To increase parents understanding of a healthier diet
The aims of this intervention are: To observe a weekly weight loss of 0.51 kg, over the 8 weeks, in those completing the weight management intervention To sustain behavioural changes achieved at 8 weeks for the long term, at 6, 12 and 24 month after course completion Objectives: To increase average...