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The aim of this intervention is to help people lose weight on a long term basis
The aims of this intervention are to: Coach parents in the skills to change their childrens unhealthy behavioural patterns to healthy ones that promote weight maintenance or modest weight loss Increase parents and childrens knowledge of nutrition and a healthy balanced diet Help parents modify the...
To support the achivement of 5 and 10% weight loss
The aim of this intervention is to targeted physical activity programmes for clients with pre-existing medical conditions
The aim of this intervention is to ensure that support to minimise weight gain during pregnancy as per the American Institute of Medicine guidelines is offered to Coventry women as part of the maternity pathway.
Author: NHS Mid Essex
This intervention aims to promote: Increased fitness Participation in extra curricula activities at school Knowledge on how to make healthy food choices It aims to provide tools, knowledge and strategies to enable families to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and to target improvements to families...