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Subject: Vaccination
The leaflet encourages HSC staff to get the flu vaccine.
Subject: Vaccination
The Annual Vaccine Preventable Diseases report for Northern Ireland. 2017 Data. 
Northern Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr Michael McBride, says everyone should receive high quality and safe health care and highlights some of the biggest public health issues facing Northern Ireland in his annual report. Some of the main topics in the report include alcohol,...
Testing for high-risk human papillomavirus (HR-HPV) as triage and test of cure was introduced into the Northern Ireland Cervical Screening Programme on Monday 28 January 2013. This policy change will significantly alter the screening pathway for women with a mild dyskaryosis or borderline smear...
Infanrix IPV Boostrix-IPV Repevax Babies at 2, 3 and 4 months Children at 3 years 4 months (pre-school booster) Pregnant women New vaccines 2014 Two new vaccine brands – Infanrix IPV Hib and Boostrix-IPV – are being introduced into the national routine immunisation schedule in 2014,...
The flu vaccine is now available for all children aged 2 and over.
This factsheet provides information in the form of FAQs in relation to hepatitis B: the condition, prevalence, risks, testing, management, vaccination and treatment.
This leaflet encourages uptake of the flu vaccine for those people in at-risk groups. Most children aged 2 years up to less than 18 years in at risk groups will receive a nasal spray vaccine rather than an injection.
This document gives advice and guidance for registered healthcare professionals on the 2015/16 seasonal influenza vaccination programme for children.
This leaflet provides more detailed information in a question and answer format about the HPV vaccine offered to girls in Year 9 which can help protect against cervical cancer.