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This leaflet explains how low threshold services can support people whose alcohol or drug use is causing them problems. It outlines what low threshold services are, who can access them, what support they can offer and how to contact them.
DAMIS (Drug and Alcohol Monitoring and Information System) is an Â"early warning systemÂ" designed to identity, verify and assess emerging threats and potential trends in drug and alcohol misuse.
This leaflet provides information on the risks of taking two or more drugs at the same time. This can include alcohol, over-the-counter medication or prescription drugs, and illegal or illicit drugs. It explains how combining different types of drugs can be unpredictable and dangerous,...
Background National burden of disease studies are crucial for informing national health policies. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) constitute the highest burden. Such comprehensive analyses of NCDs burden are not explicitly documented for the Republic of Ireland (RoI). We analysed the five most...
The Healthy Ireland Survey is an interviewer-administered survey with interviews conducted on a face-to-face basis with individuals aged 15 and over. The initial wave of this survey involved 7,539 interviews. Fieldwork was conducted between November 2014 and August 2015.