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This SEPHO handbook primarily focuses on the measurement and interpretation of health inequalities. Written by Roy Carr-Hill and Paul Chalmers-Dixon of York University, it provides a comprehensive collection of material for those concerned to document and understand health inequalities.
This briefing paper describes social and economic inequalities associated with two of the key determinants of obesity - diet and physical activity. The paper also explores possible explanations for these inequalities.
You, your child and alcohol is a booklet that offers parents advice and guidance on how to discuss alcohol with their child and encourages them to think about how their relationship with alcohol can influence their children.The booklet was originally developed as part of a campaign...
Subject: Breast screening
This leaflet is used to support the Northern Ireland Breast Screening Programme. It is issued to women who receive a normal result after being recalled for further tests at a breast assessment clinic.
Leaflet detailing research by the Institute funded by the Research and Development Office for Health and Personal Social Services in Northern Ireland.  The aim of the research was to identify the impact of multisectoral partnerships, how they can be measured, and what contribution they make to...