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Subject: tobacco
This factsheet summarises why one person's smoking can be harmful to others, by highlighting the health risks of second-hand smoke to adults and children.
Subject: tobacco
This leaflet highlights the health risks of passive smoking to adults and children, and suggests way of minimising your exposure to second-hand smoke.
Subject: Solvent Misuse, Drugs
This booklet provides information on why young people try drugs, the risks of taking illegal drugs, the signs of drug taking and information about individual drugs.
The Chronic Conditions Hub is a website that brings together information on chronic health conditions. It allows you to easily access, manage and share relevant information resources. The Chronic Conditions Hub includes the Institute of Public Health in Ireland’s (IPH) estimates and forecasts...
Leaflet detailing research by the Institute funded by the Research and Development Office for Health and Personal Social Services in Northern Ireland.  The aim of the research was to identify the impact of multisectoral partnerships, how they can be measured, and what contribution they make to...