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Subject: Mephedron, Drugs
This update bulletin on legal highs focuses on mephedrone.
This booklet takes smokers through the stages of stopping smoking:preparing to stopstoppingstaying stoppedIt also provides advice on the various forms of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and non-nicotine medications available, as well as a list of contacts for advice and support.Note:...
This leaflet is used to support the Northern Ireland breast screening programme and explains the additional tests that may be offered at a breast assessment clinic following a mammogram that has shown a possible abnormality�
This pocket-sized leaflet advises young men on the steps they can take to promote good mental health, such as keeping active, talking through problems and taking time to relax.�
This booklet offers general advice on the control of tuberculosis (TB)�
School food: the essential guide contains a series of eight practical guidance booklets designed to help schools improve pupils' nutrition and implement healthier eating and drinking practices. The booklets provide advice and support for the key areas in which food, drinks and nutrition issues...
This booklet provides the facts about the vaccines babies will receive just after their first birthday: the first MMR vaccine and the PCV and Hib/Men C booster vaccines.
This booklet is full of practical tips and information on managing stress and achieving and maintaining positive mental health and emotional wellbeing. It also contains a comprehensive list of helpful local organisations and websites. The booklet targets first year students at university and...
This bulletin summarises information on individuals referred to the Northern Ireland Substitute Prescribing Scheme (SPS). It relates to those referred up to and including the 31 March 2014 and focuses on those patients in contact with Substitute Prescribing treatment services during 2013/14.
This leaflet is for women who are pregnant and describes how they can start connecting with their baby. It explains what babies need to feel safe and secure and will help new mothers get off to a good start with feeding and caring for their babies.