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In July 2011 the Minister for education launched Literacy and Numeracy for Learning and Life – the national strategy to improve literacy and numeracy among children and young people. The strategy was developed following an extensive consultation process and contributions from individuals,...
This SEPHO handbook primarily focuses on the measurement and interpretation of health inequalities. Written by Roy Carr-Hill and Paul Chalmers-Dixon of York University, it provides a comprehensive collection of material for those concerned to document and understand health inequalities.
Publisher: safefood
Author: safefood
As a parent, you can teach your children habits and skills to last them a lifetime. This booklet is full of practical advice for parents on how to make small changes to your children’s diet and physical activity habits. Small changes which could make a difference to their future health.
Publisher: safefood
This booklet was developed by the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Association in partnership with safefood in the Republic of Ireland. It provides general advice for adults who are involved in sports. The British Dietetic Association also has a Food Fact Sheet (PDF, 1MB) specific to sport available...
This briefing paper describes social and economic inequalities associated with two of the key determinants of obesity - diet and physical activity. The paper also explores possible explanations for these inequalities.
This flyer has been produced to help maximise awareness of the abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) screening programme in Northern Ireland. It provides important information on AAAs, the danger they pose to the health of men aged 65 and over, and the screening process. The flyers will be distributed to...
Subject: Child health
This booklet provides parents with information on the first four years of the child health programme for all families in Northern Ireland.
Subject: School lunch
In Northern Ireland over 127,000 children bring their own food to school so it is important to ensure that food is both appetising and is good for health. Recent surveys looking at Childrens lunchboxes revealed that they are often too high in fat, salt and sugar, with just under half of the...
Subject: Cervical cancer
This leaflet provides more detailed information in a question and answer format about the HPV vaccine offered to girls in Year 9 which can help protect against cervical cancer.
Subject: Nutrition
This booklet outlines advice on many key nutritional issues for children aged one to five. It includes information on how to provide a healthy, balanced diet for this age group, guidance on suitable snacks and drinks, feeding a vegetarian child, vitamin supplements and iron, making the most of...