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Author: Megapoles
Megapoles is a network of 15 European capital cities established in recognition that these cities face similar public health challenges. The aim of the network is to improve health and reduce health inequalities through information exchange, comparison and co-operation between capital...
This tool contains the data for the LHO briefing "The London Health Inequalities Forecast: A briefing on inequalities in life expectancy and deaths from cancers, heart disease and stroke in London". The tool enables local areas to monitor their progress towards the national health inequalities...
The Health Impact Assessment Gateway (HIA Gateway) is a central database providing access to International HIA related information resources. This resource provides sources of evidence and networks to assist people participating in HIA.
Subject: mental health
Extensive collection on Mental Health in London including prevalence, inequalities, services and treatments and areas of concern.
The National Diabetes Audit (NDA) is a national audit service sponsored by the Healthcare Commission. Available since April 2004, it enables routine data collection, analysis and feedback of diabetes related data for all adults and children with diabetes in England.
Publisher: CARDI
Subject: Ageing, Older people
The website provides an overview of selected datasets on ageing in Northern Ireland (NI) and the Republic of Ireland (RoI). It is designed to be used by researchers who are engaged in comparative research on ageing. The website has recently been updated bringing the total number of...
This study investigates the impact of poverty and social exclusion on the food, diet and nutrition of people out-of-home in Dublin. The research involved a food frequency survey carried out with 75 people out of home, qualitative interviews with 12 individuals as well as a self-completion...
The Community Development and Health Network (CDHN) aim to end health inequalities using a community development approach - campaigning, influencing policy and developing best practice work which shows that communities, both geographical and of interest...
Burren Community Forum operates in Burren Heritage Centre, which is housed in the converted National School built in 1839. The Centre is situated in the picturesque Drumlin area above Carlingford Lough at the entrance to the famous Mountains of Mourne. Frequently it acts as the bridge between...
Subject: Health inequity
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