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The National Implementation Framework describes how the recommendations from the Value for Money (VFM) and Policy Review of the Disability Services Programme will be translated into concrete actions. It assigns responsibilities for those actions, and specifies timelines for their completion. It...
Health Sectoral Plan on Disability Progress Report 2009 (Parliamentary No. A10/0144) Click here to download the Executive Summary PDF 72KB
This Review is an evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the HSE-funded statutory and non-statutory disability services in Ireland. It was conducted by the Department of Health and the HSE under the auspices of the Governmentâ?Ts programme of Value for Money Reviews for 2009-2011. It...
National Drugs Strategy 2009 – 2016 Click here to download PDF 2.6mb
National Disability Strategy Towards 2016 Strategic Document Click here to download PDF 31kb
Report On Public Consultation: Efficiency And Effectiveness Of Disability Services In Ireland Click here to download PDF 1.67MB Other Relevant Documents: Click here to download Appendix A PDF 1.06MB Click here to download Summary of Key Proposals from The Review of Disability Policy PDF 250KB