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This leaflet provides guidance to older adults on the amount of physical activity they should be aiming for and the health benefits associated with staying active. It also offers tips and ideas on activities that older people may find useful and appropriate. The leaflet is aimed at older people of...
This A5 booklet encourages people to increase their level of physical activity by monitoring the number of steps they take each day and aiming to increase it.
This leaflet aims to encourage children and young people with physical disabilities to be more active. It explains why physical activity is important, highlights the recommendation that all children and young people get 60 minutes of activity every day, and offers ideas for getting more active...
The Health Behaviours in School Children (HBSC) survey 2014 shows that overall health levels are good. There are encouraging findings on consumption of fruit and vegetables, teeth cleaning, and a drop in smoking levels and consumption of sweets and soft drinks.  However, many children said they...
This briefing paper describes social and economic inequalities associated with two of the key determinants of obesity - diet and physical activity. The paper also explores possible explanations for these inequalities.