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Prevent the spread of infections by ensuring: routine immunisation, high standards of personal hygiene and practice, particularly handwashing, and maintaining a clean environment. �
This booklet provides nurseries and childcare settings with comprehensive infection prevention and control advice.It includes simple, practical and easily understood guidance on the day-to-day implementation of good infection prevention and control practices, as well as specific actions to take in...
This booklet provides information on the routine immunisations that are given to babies up to year old to protect them from serious childhood diseases.Please note, the following translations are based on last year's leaflet and do not yet include the new information. Translations of the latest...
This booklet summarises the childhood immunisation programme and provides guidance for professionals adminstering vaccines.
Children in care in Ireland have increased by 27% in the last decade. This population is recognized to be among the most vulnerable. This study aims to describe their placement histories, service use and mental health needs. Data was obtained on 174 children (56.5% of eligible sample) with a mean...
This book provides information on caring for children up to five years old and contact details for useful organisations. It is available to new parents through primary care services (antenatal clinics, GPs or health visitors).
Subject: Childcare
The National Childcare Strategy aims to improve the availability and quality of chidcare, to meet the needs of children and their parents. Click here to download the document (PDF, 700kb)