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DoH Guidance on the Transfer of Patients Detained under Mental Health Legislation between Hospitals in Northern Ireland and Great Britain
This preliminary report on the potential for a specialist eating disorders unit in Northern Ireland examines the outline case, and recommends that more in-depth study and evidence-gathering is required.  The full report is scheduled to be published by the end of 2016.
TheAutismAct(NI)2011 required the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS) to lead on the development; implementation; monitoring and reporting of a cross-departmental Autism Strategy. The Autism Strategy (2013-2020) and ActionPlan (2013-2016) was subsequently approved by...
This circular provides guidance for HSC Trusts in the operation of their duties on behalf of HSC service users who live in supported housing accommodation, and who choose to pay, as tenants, for additional support services.
Guidance on the transfer of mentally disordered patients detained under the Mental Health (NI) Order 1986 to and from Hospitals in Great Britain