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Subject: Student, School
A Randomised Controlled Trial to investigate the effectiveness of the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management programme in an Irish context (short-term outcomes).
‘FRIENDS for Life’ is a school-based positive mental health programme that promotes emotional resilience and reduces anxiety in children and adolescents. It is the only anxiety prevention programme acknowledged by the World Health Organization for its 12 years of comprehensive...
This rapid evidence assessment (REA) report summarises evidence-based information on the efficacy and effectiveness of drug and alcohol abuse prevention programmes provided outside of school settings. It pulls together evidence from a range of published literature which includes reviews that seek...
Background: Physical activity (PA) is a key performance indicator for policy documents in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Building on baseline grades set in 2014, Ireland’s second Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth allows for continued surveillance of...
Guidance on healthy breaks for schoolchildren. (Translations revised March 2014)
This booklet is designed to�improve pupils' nutrition and implement healthier eating and drinking practices. It contains�practical tips for parents, carers and children on how to pack an appetising, healthy lunchbox.
This publication details the nutritional standards for other food and drinks in schools that are adhered to by all grant-aided schools. It explains why the nutritional standards have been introduced�and offers practical advice on how to implement them.Nutritional standards for other food and drinks...
This poster provides guidance for schools on foods for religious faiths.
This booklet is full of practical tips and information on managing stress and achieving and maintaining positive mental health and emotional wellbeing. It also contains a comprehensive list of helpful local organisations and websites. The booklet targets first year students at university and...