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Subject: alcohol, Crime, Violence
Session One - Alcohol and Crime in Ireland, Counting the Costs• National Quantitative Research, Director of Alcohol Action Ireland, Fiona Ryan• National and International Context - Dr. Anne Hope• Economic Costs of Alcohol Related Crime - Senior Lecturer, Sean Byrne Session Two -...
Subject: Violence
14 principles of best practice for Service Delivery: An Interculturally Competent Approach to Meeting the Needs of Victims/Survivors of Gender-based Violence Click here to download PDF 390kb This is a publication of the Womens Health Council
Subject: Violence
This guide for employers has been produced by the Regional Steering Group on Domestic Violence in line with the strategy and action plan “Tackling Violence at Home” published in October 2005. The Regional Steering Group is a group of about 30 members representing the statutory and...