Public Health Policy Centre

Annual Update on Fuel Poverty and Health (2008)

This paper provides an update on the All-Ireland Policy Paper on Fuel Poverty and Health published by the Institute of Public Health in Ireland (IPH) in December 2007.Economic downturn and fluctuating fuel prices mean that for many people the challenge of fuel poverty is becoming even more immediate. Alleviating financial strain and protecting the health and social well-being of fuel-poor householders must remain a priority across government. A substantial body of research links fuel poverty to physical and mental ill-health.

All-Ireland Policy Paper on Fuel Poverty and Health (2007)

A report presenting evidence to demonstrate the effect of fuel poverty on the health and wellbeing of people in Ireland and Northern Ireland.  Consideration is given to the implications for policy and practice in both jurisdictions. Older people are more likely to experience fuel poverty due to lower standards of housing coupled with lower incomes, so population ageing must be taken into account within a strategic approach to fuel poverty